We are moving towards a better Customer Experience ! (Or are we?)

My FIVE personal examples that debunk the myth

1.      A market leader in hotel booking

Three years back I booked a hotel in Dublin for a holiday through their site. Till today they inundate me with mailers offering special hotel deals in Dublin. The surmise seems to be that I am a person who would only like to go to Dublin for a holiday! Recently I used them to book a hotel in Vegas. Now the deluge of mailers for Vegas has begun.

2.      A leading ERP software company

We bought their cloud-based ERP software and gave up after two years of struggle –the package just didn’t cater to our needs. We still continue to receive updates as if we are customers even though we terminated our agreement four years ago! Would have expected a company with their technology edge to be smarter!

3.      A market leader in Satellite TV (DTH) in India

Navigating their IVR is a harrowing experience. I asked for a particular package and was given a cost after a 10-minute wait. Paid the amount as asked. Soon got a call saying the amount was less. Was the second time this had happened. Asked to be connected to a supervisor and was promised a revert. As usual, no one called..

4.      A Leading Private Bank

I have made three futile trips to the branch I deal with to collect a document. There’s only one person authorized to sign that document in that branch and she continues to extend her leave. Of course, the concept of calling and informing about the extended leave doesn’t exist!

5.      A Leading E-Commerce company

I have stopped dealing with them because of their utter disregard for the carbon footprint. Order a paperback and it comes in a carton big enough for a large oven. Order a pen set and it will also be delivered in a mammoth carton. All with endless amount of plastic stuffing.

Amidst all the increased consciousness about improving Customer Experience, enriching the Customer Journey, Personalisation, and with all the investments on expensive CRM software, a lot has been achieved but something serious is still amiss and needs to be addressed.

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