Confront the Vital Question-Why will my target audience come?

As an IT company, with a range of cloud-based solutions, you are anxious about the need to expand your sales funnel. This quarter is going fine, but for the next quarter, things look quite hazy. There are thus visible worry lines on your brow!

Enter-Agency X: You decide it’s time to reach out to your target audience pan India through a series of events. You choose Agency X for this purpose and give them a brief on the profile of audience you require and the numbers and tell them to get started.

You are now hoping to get the right audience in a hall and get your ace speakers or partners to expound on the great features of your products. After that leads will follow and this will get you your expected revenues. So far so good. But as they say the best-laid plans of men and mice…!

In the heated frenzy to get started and log in more business, even the agency doesn’t confront the vital questions which are:

Why would people attend my event?

Like my solutions, does my event have a USP?

The Event Differentiator: Consider this in a scenario where this same audience gets invited by so many companies all the time. And this includes most market leaders.

Let’s face it-with traffic hazards and the need for family time, any such activity is seen as an infringement on private space. Serious audiences have had enough of cocktails, dinners, and freebies to be excited by such reasons.

The nightmare of empty seats or paying five-star rates for irrelevant people could be staring at you!

Confront and get the answers: To avoid this expensive learning, its best to keep this why-will-people-come question uppermost in mind and also commend the agency which insists on a satisfactory response.

What is the newness in my topics? Do I have content to offer which goes beyond a sales pitch? Do my speakers carry credibility? Is the perceived pull for my event being communicated effectively? And the clincher. Does my event have a digital backbone?

Do my events carry a brick and mortar image or does my software manage registrations, feedback, networking, and polling?

The Jigsaw Fits Now: Answers to these questions and more that will come up when you deal with the right agency, will ensure that all vital links that go to ensure a successful event from database to invitation process to registration to event management to leads – are sorted.

The right questions, as they say, are as important as the answers!

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