Using an event app is a must while managing events in these days

That this is the age of digital transformation is something we have all heard and seen.

Happening at an unprecedented pace, this transformation has not left the event industry untouched. A witness to this is the upsurge of event apps in the market.

Here are some reasons why you should consider using a mobile app at your next event.

  1. Save time and money on printing and mailing

If marketing guides and event brochures are littering your venue floor, an event app is all you need. Economise your time and money spent on designing and editing along with avoiding the environmental waste budgets for your paper products!

  1. Showcase agenda on the go

Event apps allow you to display the agenda in a well-organised way so that all participants can plan and personalise their schedules. On a mobile app like MyEventGateway, you have the advantage of sharing speaker profiles, photos, videos or collaterals before, during and even after the event.

  1. Be relevant and timely

No need to worry about any session changes or if a new speaker is joining the list! With instant notifications, you can ensure your participants stay updated. Send messages to all/select registrants via 3 modes: email, push notification and SMS with MyEventGateway.

  1. Manage attendees with CRM

How many back-and-forth emails will you have to send and receive? Is the spreadsheet you were working on yesterday still on your mind? With registration and feedback facilities available on event apps, attendee data management becomes easy.

  1. Automate on-site check-in

If manual check-in lists are the order at your events, it’s time to deploy an event app! With a mobile app that allows check-ins through QR codes, forget the usual snake queues for participants, especially in large-scale events.

  1. Not just mobile, apps are ways to connect

Event apps can actually let your attendees be true participants. Having an activity feed allows attendees to engage with each other during the event and afterwards. A tool for organic conversations to happen which otherwise are not so much possible during conferences!

With mobile technology evolving continually, it only makes sense that your events follow suit. So before you begin executing the plans for your next event, make sure you have decided on the event app you want to use in it.